Instructor of Record

  • EC320 Introduction to Econometrics

12/41 responses across two surveys. End of term comments included:

“Professor was extremely helpful and communicative throughout the entire term. Cared about students”
“This is by far the best class I’ve ever had. Please go into academe … we need professors like you."
“Though I have criticisms of the course, I want to also acknowledge Philip’s readiness to adapt to feedback from students. Following the midterm course evaluation, he made changes which positively impacted the class based on student suggestions. His willingness to listen to students and hear our concerns was beneficial, and I feel that it was a strength of his (along with individual support in course material)."
“The instructor is always more than willing to help with a problem no matter the question or time. That is incredibly important to my learning in this course."
“Instructor very helpful, always willing to communicate and help."
“It would be nice if course material better prepared us for problem sets/quizzes."
“The lectures could move quite a bit faster and cover more material."
“Lectures are taught too fast to write notes. Instructions for assignments are hard to interpret. Communication needs to be better with the lab assistant on teaching R."
“I have experienced a lot of accessibility problems in terms of technology with the course."
“I’ve never had an instructor before who coupled so well being incredibly kind and accessible and supportive with also challenging me to constantly keep working to improve–whether it’s a better data cleaning strategy or piece of code or conceptual understanding (even if Mas-Colell is still beyond me). I learned more in this class than any other class that I’ve taken, all due to a combination of immense patience and high standards, which combined to both demand and facilitate high-quality work."

  • EC380 International Economic Issues

Forthcoming. End of term comments included:

Teaching Assistant

  • EC201 Introduction to Economic Analysis: Microeconomics

16/77 responses across two surveys. End of term comments included:

“The GEs were awesome they really helped with my learning."
“Philip is a great guy and very willing to work with you if you ask."
“the GE would answer our questions very clearly”
“The GE clarified a lot of material that was covered in the lecture, and it was very helpful."
“It was helpful to clarify various topics with the GE about the lecture, making a stronger learning experience."

  • EC202 Introduction to Economic Analysis: Macroeconomics

31/153 responses across two surveys. End of term comments included:

“Philip is the biggest reason I am changing to an economics major. He has been insightful and very kind."
“I like how they check if we are doing okay during each activity on the discussion sheets and tries to explain some concepts better if there is difficulty."
“Philip is very good at giving feedback and promoting learning through conversation."
“You’re doing a great job, I love being in your class”
“This GE was very good at explaining tougher concepts, I always left class feeling confident."
“Philip described and explained all components for the class very well and was very helpful”
“Philip explained concepts really well and always walked around to ask if we needed help or had any questions throughout the discussion."
“The instructor is patient and answers every question I ask.
“He’s perfect."
“This discussion section was very well structured, and everything else listed above, from my view didn’t need any improvement”

  • EC320 Introduction to Econometrics
  • EC421 Introduction to Econometrics
  • EC607 Econometrics III, PhD