EC 380 International Economic Issues

Sole Instructor, Fall 2022

Exchange across international boundaries, theory of comparative advantage, balance of payments and adjustments, international financial movements, exchange rates and international financial institutions, trade restrictions and policy. I split this course into three components: (i) Trade Theory - using the older models to highlight the gains from trade and potential ambiguity of labor market outcomes, (ii) Trade Policy - shifts us away from extremes of autarky and free trade to varying degrees of trade openness through tariff rate adjustments and import quotas, and (iii) Global Finance - provides a broad understanding of exchange rate movements and associated monetary policy. The Balance of Payments acts as our set of indicators for the state of the economy. Details

19/59 responses across two surveys. End of term comments included:

Review 1

Understanding from instructors is always the most make or break factor of a course. having an instructor that understands and can accommodate true, and real needs helps more than anything else. because often, the biggest barrier in a class is personal issues.

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