Household savings constraints, uncertainty and macroprudential policy

Using household survey data collected by the ESRI between 1998 and 2018, we examine how subsequent macroprudential rules in lieu of the Great Recession affected perceptions among Irish households of elevated savings constraints.

A review of the methodologies used in compiling owner-occupiers' housing indices

A review of methodologies towards including housing service price adjustments in the measurement of the Consumer Price Index. Aimed to inform policymakers on the most viable and accurate manner in which to incorporate these changes in costs, with the Rental Equivalence approach acting as a strong facourite. Commissioned jointly by the Irish Research Council and Central Statistics Office.

Ireland and Brexit

A counterfactual analysis of the long-run growth prospects of Ireland under various potential Brexit scenarios. Commissioned by the Irish government's Department of Finance and co-authored as part of the ESRI.